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What We Believe

Angelic Canines believes that dogs are an integral part of the family. Dogs are intelligent and emotional 

animals and great problem solvers! Our furry friends have an innate desire to please and love 

nothing more than spending time with their pet parents. We use the latest scientific methods to

teach them manners, good social skills as well as training them for jobs such as assistance to those

with a variety of disabilities, therapy work for visits to independent living facilities, day programs

for the disabled, library and school  visits as reading dogs and even emotional support for court 

appearances. Teri is the lead trainer and founder of Angelic Canines and is a force free trainer, she doesn't 

use force or intimidation to achieve desired results, using positive reinforcement via a variety of rewards

encourages dogs to repeat wanted behaviors. Being a relationship based trainer means putting that bond 

between the dog an pet guardian first, this is very rewarding for everyone. Our training methods strengthen

 that bond and keep it fun at the same time! We teach the owner and dog a variety of games for training, the

 pets get excited and focused during these sessions. I hope you take a moment to read our testimonials and reviews on Google and Yelp.




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